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This weekend I got to go to Kawaii-kon (a convention in Hawaii) and it was a ton of fun! Here's a (probably long) report of how my weekend went~

Friday (04/04/14)

On Friday, I went to school as usual and then I hung around at school with some of my friends until 2:30 when my boyfriend and I drove down to the hotel/suite we were staying in with 7 of our other friends (5 guys and 3 girls total). We met one of our friends at the hotel to get the keys to the suite and then we carried everyone's luggage and a ton of food/coolers/cots up to the room. Since the room was a suite, it included a kitchen, a balcony, a living room and a master bedroom. The boys basically camped out in the living room (which had a sofa/bed for them to sleep on) and us girls had the king sized bed in the master bedroom to share. We got everything all set up but it was already around 5 PM and we were all too preoccupied figuring out how to work out stuff for our hotel so we decided to skip out on the convention on this day. Instead, we did our own yakiniku in the mini kitchen and I sat with my boyfriend on the balcony and we talked and ate together. There was even fireworks going off at the beach across from us so we stood out there and watched them for a bit and we chatted more. After everyone was done eating, everyone locked me on the balcony and they closed the curtains so I couldn't peer inside. I was kind of confused but I waited and then they let me back into the room and they were standing around a birthday cake. They sang happy birthday to me and one of my other friends and then we blew out the candles (which almost caused the fire alarm/sprinklers in the room to go off because of the smoke so we all had to run to air out the room LOL). After that, the girls went off to the bedroom and we straightened eachother's hair and talked and stuff and the boys stayed in the living room, playing games until we all eventually went to bed at like, 3 AM LOL...

Saturday (04/05/14)

My boyfriend woke us all up at like, 7 AM cause we had to get to the con early so we wouldn't have to wait for a long time in the registration line for a pass. The guys made us all breakfast so the girls made everyone lunch and then we went to the convention at around 10 AM. The line was SUPER LONG LOL it basically wrapped around the building which was kinda sucky but it went by super quick, thankfully~
After we got our passes, we went into the Dealer's Room which was also combined with the Artist Alley this year. I mostly bought books from :iconfinni: and I also FINALLY got to meet :iconlostangel101: who has been an online friend of mine for over a year and we never got an opportunity to meet before then (despite going to the same school and living close to eachother???). I took a pic with her and then I bought a ton of her cellphone charms LOL. I made plans with her to meet up to watch Kakihara Tetsuya's panel later in the evening and then I went back to the hotel with my boyfriend so we could take a nap. (Off topic: I saw a robbery happen on my way back to the hotel room which was pretty...interesting, to say the least).
We went back to the convention after our nap at around 4 PM and then he ran off to do his own thing while I sat in with Nami at the panel. Kakki is so cute, omg. His laugh is so cute and his personality is so great. He was saying how he was happy that he could be here with all of us but he was also sad that he had to do the panel since he couldn't go to the beach while the sun was setting LOL. After the panel, Nami went back to her table in the AA but she really wanted to meet my boyfriend (cause he was always gone whenever I went to her table) so I waited for him to finish doing whatever he was doing. He met up with me and gave me a really cute cat pillow ;_; it's so fluffy and cute omg, I was so happy////
I took him over to Nami's table and introduced him to her and she took a picture of us and then we left to go back to the hotel because it was almost time to start cooking dinner. We made spaghetti and then, basically the same thing happened like the previous night where the guys and girls separated and did their own things. (Except for one point where we had a massive pillow fight, for some reason LOL?) We went to bed a lot earlier though since we were all dead tired.

Sunday (04/06/14)

BF woke us all up at 7 again so we could cook breakfast (again) but also pack up because we had to check out of the hotel room by noon. We had a lot of food and drinks left over so we were all trying to divvy it all up or we tried to chug/eat as much as we could. By 10:30 or so, we were all packed up and ready to go so we checked out of the room and then we grabbed my BF's car out of the garage and loaded everyone's things into it. After that, he drove us to the convention and we decided to do some last minute shopping. Some of my friends really liked the cat pillow I got so I went and bought them some (even though there was barely any left). A few of my friends were entering a Dota 2 gaming contest so my BF and I decided to sit in and watch them play. He kept falling asleep on me because he barely slept the whole weekend;;;;;
My friends actually won the tournament and then we moved to another gaming room where we sorta just...stood around and watched people play games. BF kept falling asleep there too so I kept asking him if he wanted to go home but he kept saying he was fine (because he had to take my friends home and he didnt wanna ruin their fun). I asked my friends if we could go since it was already like, 4 PM and my BF should be getting home so he could sleep and they all agreed so we left the con and then I came home~
Not really an exciting day but, eh. LOL

Anyway, that's mostly it! I'm gonna go to bed now since I didn't sleep very well at all this weekend either (couldn't even sleep when I got home because I had to do homework). Anyway, all in all, I had a blast! I was my first time staying in a hotel with friends and we had a lot of laughs~
Makes for a lot of good memories, in my opinion :)
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