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Boy, do I have a story to tell. I'm breaking this up into three sections (pre-Back story, backstory, and the actual story) to organize things better~ 

Pre-Back Story: so, last semester, I decided I needed a break from my drawing courses because I was kinda burnt out from the intense workload from them. I still needed credits from studio art classes as a requirement for my major (Which is Studio Art) so I decided to branch off and try ceramics. Tried beginning ceramics which was okay but I didn't really care for it. However, I was trying to avoid taking Advanced Drawing as much as possible because I heard horror stories so I decided, maybe a ceramics sculpture class would be a lot more fun. I was so so so SO wrong.

Back Story: There were three projects total for my sculpture class. I had problems with all of them but that was a given cause I'm just pretty awful with 3D art in general. For our final, we had to present all three pieces (finished) for a critique. My first and second project were fine but my third project....oh god.

Story: I made a vintage/old fashioned/rotary telephone for my final project (because my professor suggested it) and I fired the receiver and the telephone part separately. I had the receiver part of the phone finished and put in my locker while I waited for the telephone to be fired (cause the loading crew had a lot of big projects to fire up before finals). My telephone was finally fired and I noticed it had a bit of cracking on it cause I didn't attach the pieces well enough. It was too big to fit in my locker so I decided to leave it in the kiln room and I went to buy epoxy to fix the cracks. I came back and my project was gone. I thought, maybe they moved it to the rack outside like the other finished pieces or maybe someone just moved it to another place in the kiln room. Walked back and forth looking frantically and couldn't find it at all. Figured it probably broke completely due to the cracks and someone threw it out. A few days pass and I go into the classroom yesterday for my final critique, super nervous about having to admit that I don't have my third piece because I can't find it. Just then, I glance around the room and I see this girl with her pile of ceramics and what is sitting in the middle? My telephone. My heart dropped and started hammering at the speed of light. I watched her fiddle with it a little and I was just thinking, like "what do I even do in this situation??? Is she really gonna present it and take credit for it as her own piece in front of the whole class???"

I decided to bring out the receiver part and I set it on the table close to where she was sitting and I watched her as the critique went on. She happened to look at the receiver piece I had and I saw her eyes widen a bit but she stayed quiet. It was her turn to present and I was bracing for impact but she completely left out anything about my telephone. She just admitted that her final project blew up in the kiln and then she sat back down so I basically claimed the telephone back. I told everyone that I didn't have time to fix it up because it went missing for awhile but now, it was conveniently here. I didn't rat her out at all. After I finished my presentation, I sat down and I saw her staring at me from the corner of my eye and then she looked away.

so glad I'm done with this stupid class.

TL;DR: A girl stole my final project for my ceramics class and almost presented it as her own work before I caught her


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